Breadboard Curriculum

The following series of pages will lead you through an electronics curriculum one step at a time. On each pages there will be:

  • A little bit of information on a particular electronic components
  • A short video explaining the uses of each component or tool
  • A set of instructions and list of trouble shooting steps
  • A breadboard layout and schematic of a related circuit
  • A short quiz to test your knowledge
  • And a link to some extra resources if you need some more help

You will often be asked to watch the video and complete the quiz for homework so that you can come to lesson ready to begin an activity.


  1. The Breadboard – LED circuit
  2. The Resistor – Dimmer circuit
  3. The Multimeter – Volts and Amps
  4. The LED – Christmas Lights
  5. The Switch – The Flow
  6. The Diode – One Direction
  7. The Transistor – Finger Switch
  8. The Capacitor – Flasher
  9. The 555 Timer – Stylophone
  10. Review
  11. BC Exam

Breadboard kit component list:

Breadboard Kits List

All electronic component illustration on this page and following pages have been generated using

Breadboard Kits